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Texas FOP- Upcoming Trainings
Texas FOP Press Release

Texas State Lodge

Fraternal Order of Police

6200 La Calma Drive

Suite 200

Austin, TX 78752

Toll Free: 800-386-5148

Fax #:  512-832-0880

FOP Upcoming Trainings

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Courthouse Tactics examines the specific responsibilities for courthouse security officers and explores the true potential for violence. This one-day course taught by Calibre Press instructor Ray DeCunto uses security-specific case studies and video to help you examine the criminal thought process and to teach you to successfully detect pre-attack indicators, read body language, and link your mindset to your performance.  Click here to access the Registration Form.

Calibre Press and PoliceOne Present Law Enforcement's Premier Street Survival Seminar. This seminar is hosted by the Texas State Fraternal Order of Police and will take place August 7-8th 2012 in Houston, Texas.

The overall course objectives for the courthouse security training are: 1. Understand and combat routine and complacency. 2. Detecting pre-attack indicators through reading body language. 3. Learning the importance of mentally having a plan. 4. Understand and learn to control the courtroom. 5. Learning techniques to mentally and physically prepare for violent encounters inside and outside the courthouse. 6. Understand and learn the dynamics of a gunfight